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Vegetable expressions: A journey into Francesco Locatelli’s vegan cuisine proposed for the whole table.

Welcome entry

Chestnut and leek omelette, creamy almond and shiitake mushrooms.

Italica Soup: cannellino bean, savoy and black cabbage soup, herb pesto and rosemary bread. G

Risotto with celeriac, kale, cabernet grapes and hazelnut

Baked cauliflower, creamy yellow lentils with laurel, kale and Asìt Tosca.

Soft Azuki cake, pear coulis and dark chocolate mousse monorigine Dominicana 75%

€ 45

Pairing 5 Tosca organic wines € 20




 Polisena’s green taste: garden’s rustic cake , carrot cream and marinated vegetables €14  VEG, G

Frittata with chestnuts and leek, almond cream and shitake mushrooms € 13 VEG

Savoy cabbage nuseecc with Formai the Mut cheese, beet cream, spinach, raisins and nuts € 14, G

Pumpkin flan, fresh goat cheese and pasley oil € 13 

Cheese: a tour of the Orobic valleys. Artisans cheeses accompanied by our homemade jams and honeys € 13 (€ 9 half)


Italica Soup: cannellino bean, savoy and black cabbage soup, pesto with herbs and rosemary bread € 13 G

“Polisena Casonsei”: homemade ravioli stuffed with green herbs from the garden, amaretto and apples € 14 G

Crispy potato gnocchi, black cabbage’s cream and beets’ chips € 14 G

Celery Risotto, kale, Cabernet grapes and hazelnuts €15, VEG


Glazed chickpeas tempeh with Primorò wine, mashed pumpkin and buckwheat polenta € 17 VEG

Oven-baked cauliflower, creamy yellow lentils, kale and Tosca’s Asìt (winegar) € 17 VEG

 La Granda beef with Rosso del Lupo wine, mais  puree with chard herbs, chestnuts and celery € 19

Free range chicken roll, forest filling, carrots and potatoes € 19 G


Soft Azuki cake, pears coulis and dark chocolate mousse monorigine Dominicana 75% € 8 VEG

Coffee mousse, home made Savoiardo biscuit and cocoa € 8 G

Apples crumble, Tosca’s honey chips, cinnamon and caramel ice-cream € 8 G

Fresh almond, Kiki Rosè sauce and citrus fruits, dark crumble  € 8 G VEG


VEG: 100% vegan food G: contains gluten


Slow Food traditions menu

Welcome entry

Casonsei de la Polisena: stuffed with green herbs from the garden, amaretto and apples G

Beef La Granda Slow Food Presidium with Rosso del Lupo, wholemeal corn polenta, cabbage salad, roasted chestnuts and celery.

Apple, almond and cinnamon crumble with caramel ice cream


Three Orobic cheese Slow Food Presidia with our honey and jam




Pasta with tomato sauce, meat sauce or butter € 9 (€ 6 per half)

Veggieballs with tomato sauce or Polisena egg with ciareghì or cooked ham served with baked potatoes € 10

Home made ice cream € 5



In addition to the possibility of choosing the bottle, we offer pairings with organic wines of our production. Based on the dish, we will choose the right wine

Pairing 2 Tosca organic wines € 8

Pairing with 3 Tosca organic wines € 12


Bread and breadsticks are homemade with stone ground flours and mother yeast.

The Presidia are Slow Food projects that protect small quality productions to be safeguarded, made according to traditional practices.

LEGEND: VEG: 100% vegetable – G: contains gluten. Consult the dining room staff for a detailed list of allergens.

Bracca and San Pellegrino Mineral Water Bottle € 2.5 – Cover charge (Adults Only) € 3