Ski resorts nearby Polisena

In Province of Bergamo, where we are located, there are many ski areas able to make you enjoy a funny day with family or friends.

In order to simplify your choices among the very different areas, we thought to give you some guidelines by using direct links to the different places you could find nearby here. We are very confident you will find the right ski area, that satisfy your own exigencies.


Mainly the Brembana Vale (Valle Brembana), offers different ski resorts such as Foppolo, San Simone, Carona and Piazzatorre. By this point of view we advise you to discover these places following this link.

Among them, Valtorta is a ski area famous for the possibility to ski mountaineering, particularly at the Piani di Ceresola localty.


Finally, the closest ski resort to reach from Polisena is Piani di Bobbio, a place where many activities are very well organized, and it is located only 40 km far from our agritourism.



…During the evening, on your way back to Polisena, why don’t you have a break in San Pellegrino village? The majestic architecture and the historical city center which lies on Brembo river, are combined with the ancient thermal bath that offers you interesting agreements with Polisena activity. For instance, vouchers are available at Polisena to benefit from QC Terme San Pellegrino services.


For any questions, please ask here.