Pontida and other towns

Pontida lies in a good position both locally and regionally. It stands on the slopes of Mount Canto, beyond which there is Sotto il Monte, the village where John XXIII was born. It is also half-way between the Parco dell’Adda Nord (Northern Adda Park), classified as a site of community interest, and Valcava, a mountain village belonging to the commune of Torre de’ Busi, known in particular for the pass connecting the San Martino valley and the Imagna valley.
I monti di PontidaLastly, Pontida is a short distance from Almenno San Bartolomeo and Almenno San Salvatore, where there are respectively the Rotonda di San Tomè and the church of St. George. Both buildings are exceptional examples of Bergamo Romanesque architecture dating back to the 12th century.
As well as being half-way between Bergamo and Lecco, at regional level, Pontida can be said to be relatively close to Como, Milan and Brescia, making it a strategic crossroads for people and goods. It is natural that it stands on both the SS 342 road, called “Briantea” and the railway line that connects the city of Bergamo to the city of Lecco.

In short, a great place to spend the holidays visiting tourist destinations in Lombardy