Farm holidays

Our farming revolves around the organic cultivation of grapes, from which we produce 5 wines (three DOC Valcalepio, one DOC Terre del Colleoni and one IGT Bergamasca), along with 3 grappas of Valcalepio in the basic, refined and aged versions. The production currently includes our great sparkling wine Champenoise method and the new line of wines called Vite Natural Durante. Along with these, our excellent Valcalepio Passito from Cabernet sauvignon grapes is produced.

Alongside the wines, fruit trees have recently been planted and a kitchen garden created with greenhouses. Maize and wheat flour are obtained in alternate years from our fields in rotation, again farmed organically, and nomad bees, on the edges of our vineyards and the woods of chestnut and robinia trees, give a quality honey.

In addition to the agricultural products, we have some sheep, lambs and poultry which feed peacefully in the vineyards, at least as long as the growth of the vines allows!

This completely natural system then appears on the table with the wholesome food, produced without forcing and with an unmistakable flavour, which is offered with creativity in our organic restaurant.

We aim to have a complete cycle between plants and animals which are self-feeding and grow in perfect symbiosis and balance.

We are deeply attached to the concept of offering hospitality in close contact with nature and the farm activities. What we offer in the restaurant starts from our produce (or local produce) which from the soil arrive directly on the table without travelling for miles and miles. This offer is completed by the possibility of a stay in complete relaxation and well-being for an all-round experience in contact with nature.

However, we have also tried to offer all this in a “different” way of farm holidays. A “different” way that pays attention to details, that offers a cordial but also professional service to clients, that makes guests feel at home, but surrounded by a world that is still uncontaminated, near the city and very near to the sky!